Philippines: The World's Texting Capital

There is no denying it the Philippines is the texting capital of the world! Why? Well the Philippines is the only country where:

1. Almost everyone has a cellphone (It's like a part of a Filipino's hand).
2. Cellphones are considered a need and not a want. A Filipino who could barely have food to eat would still have a cellphone and money for air time credits.
3. The Philippine market for cellphones is HUGE! Offering different kinds of cellphone models which are renewed every month.

I only realized this because here in Canada the cellphones are well old... they don't have the latest Nokia phones that we have back in the Philippines. The high end phones here are mostly Blackberry's and Iphones but the selection is very limited.

That's why when I use my Sony Ericsson W960i touchscreen phone someone would compliment my phone and ask where I got it. And I always answer that I got it from the Philippines and it always raises eyebrows. Like how can a third world country have such hitech phones right? Well that is also a mystery to me.

The Filipino Channel

I have been surfing through my TV and from the 999 channels I couldn't find The Filipino Channel on it. I tried the channels with Pay Per View and searched the ones I need to subscribe to and I still don't see The Filipino Channel anywhere.

Oh well... but I sometimes ask myself why I want to have a subscription to the Filipino channel when I don't even watch Philippine shows even when I was back home at the Philippines. Well, maybe I'm getting a little bit of homesick. But I'm already home here. I'm an Edmontonian and a Canadian...

...but I am also a Filipino...

Library In a Mall?!

Yup I'm in a library right now and guess where it is located. The Mill Woods Town Center. It's a mall. But having a library in a mall is quite convenient really. So if you want to go to the mall you just tell your parents, "Mom, Dad... I'm going to the library!"

Well the library here has a huge collection of books, CD's, DVD's, magazines, and the sort. I haven't really browsed because I'm only here for the internet hehehe. Evil little me. Well this is just temporary though. I won't be visiting the library anytime again soon because this Monday we will finally have our internet connected. Well we still don't have our own phone and cable TV services connected yet but we already have access to the telephone and cable TV since the previous owner didn't have his utilities disconnected. If we were evil we could have called our friends over the Philippines and the cost would all go to him because his account is set to automatically deduct his fees from his bank account. How convenient (for us) right? But I'm going out of my topic right now.

Well I have ot go home and call my bank. I can't seem to enter my bank account through the internet.... I wonder if someone hacked my account already... oh no... That's why I have to hurry home.

I Hate Telus

Yup this is another episode of my rantings so you better stop reading right now but if you are intersted and want to hear (or read) my ranting then read on ahead.
Well I was so excited yesterday because Telus was supposedly scheduled to arrive at our apartment yesterday to install our Cable Tv, internet, and phone but they didn't come. it seems that they called us up at the lobby and since no one answered they just left with out even checking with the main office of our building to perfom the other installations outside our apartment. The thing is calling us would really not work because we first of all don't have a telephone line yet so the one they were calling was the previous owner. You see the door phone was programmed to call the previous owner and not us. My mom informed Telus about this and even gave her phone number so that we could let them in the building if they arrive but they didn't have the initiative to call 0r what so ever.
My mom called Telus today and they said that they were sorry and they would come again next week. NEXT WEEK??? We've been waiting for 2 weeks now and they want us to wait next week? The operator was not that even nice when we called the other day asking why the Telus installers weren't around.
So my mom terminated our account with Telus and set-up a new bundle with Shaw. Shaw is better indeed as it would only take them 1-3 days to set-up everything. It seems that the stupid previous owner didn't bother disconnecting his utilities so we used it for a while hehehe. Shaw said that they will contact the said owner and will take care of disconnecting and transfer of ownership or what so ever. I'm really impressed with Shaw.
And you kniw what Telus said when my mom said that she'll look for another service provider? "Customers always come back to us..." How cocky can you get?

Google Adsense Move

I'm glad that my Google Adsense has earned me around $80 now and I am going to cash this out as soon as I reach the $100 mark. But I still have some issues regarding the payee address (my address) because I can't seem to change my Country in the Payee Information. But I've already sent a request form to Google about the change in address so I guess that everything will be ok for now.

I've been a very bad blogger these days since I'm always out of the house and all but once we get the internet connected I guess that everything will work out. I'm actually using the library public pc right now since my brother wanted to use my laptop instead and I wonder why...

Anyway, I'll leave blogging for another day.

My First Pay Check

Canada Day was very memorable to me indeed. It was not only the very first Canadian Holiday that I have experienced but it was also the day that I received my very first paycheck! Yup all my hard work was finally paid off.

Although I still have thoughts of quiting my job, getting that paycheck is like a motivation to me. Besides, what else would I do at home? I'm an Out of School Youth so I'd rather do something more productive right?

Oh yeah, I also have my own debit card which I already used by the way. I used it to pay for the electronic key cards for our apartment. You see our money is still frozen as the bank is still waiting for the banks in the Philippines to clear our bank draft.

I just hate having no money. I feel so low that's why I'm working to supplement our income. Although my parents have jobs already it would take a while for them to get their paychecks so my brother and I are kind of the bread winners for now. We do have money that my mom brought but it's not that much because she didn't expect our bank drafts to clear that long.

Maximizing Web Advertising

I am a consumer, just like all of us are, and what makes a great business bloom and expand is if a website has it's own website. Yup! A business should definitely have it's own website so that a business list of clients can expand.

Like me for example, when I bought my Sony Ericsson W960i, I searched on the internet for a cellphone shop with the lowest price. And I did find a shop that meets my needs and because the cellphone shop had a website I was able to tract that store and buy my phone.

But before you think that making a professional looking website is enough you also have to find a way to drive potential customers to your website. This is where ppc advertising comes into the picture. This form of advertising is also called paid search advertising because as you search for a product, Google or Yahoo will provide "sponsored links" and these links will have your website and a short description of your website and your product.

But how do you do all of this? Well I have absolutely no idea too because I am a novice when it comes to these stuff. That is why you need the services of NetworkSolution's ppc advertising.

With NetworkSolutions does all the work for you from analyzing your website, purchase keywords, and create ads. In other words you just have to sit and relax and wait for reports on your campaign. And if you're thinking that you need hundreds of dollars per day for advertisement well that's where you're even more wrong. Because NetworkSolutions provides affordable plans for you. And guess what? You only pay when someone clicks your ads!

So if you want your business to bloom and reap more profits then ppc advertising is the way to do it!


There are times when I would wish that I could just give in to my weakness and just jump from a tall building to end everything... end my pain... end my suffering... end my hardship... end my loneliness...

I just want to cease existing. You see I see no point in living because we are all slowly dying anyway. Why live when people are killing other people anyway. Why live to repeat each day doing the same routine over and over again.

I walk home each night wishing I would just drop down on my knees and just disappear. You know the feeling when you're asleep. For a while you disappear from the world and you are at peace. No one is there to hurt you and you can be anywhere and be anyone you wish to be.

How easy life could be if that's the case... but there's much more to life really. Each day has its own unexpected happenings even if they are that minute. It is sad that because we live in such a fast-paced world that we fail to appreciate the simple things in life that makes living worthwhile...

Yup... even if my life is crappy and that there are some rough edges... I still continue and go on... Why? Because there is always something beautiful that I can look forward too.

Koreanovelas in Canada

Koreanovelas are really so good that the family who we are staying at are addicted to it! Like when they visited Hong Kong and the Philippines they bought DVD's of Korean Drama Series and they really liked it.

I think that the series that they currently are watching is "My Girl" and it's a really good story. I was going to ask my co-worker who looked like Korean if all Korean dramas were that good but it turned out that she was half-Filipino and that she was born here in Canada. But I have watched a variety of Korean movies and series and they actually are good. What makes the series have more impact on the human emotions is the great soundtrack that goes with the series/movie and it makes you go into that "moment" where you emote and act as if you're in your own drama show.

What's great with Korean drama series is that they also have a mix of comedy in them that's why you really get hooked with the story. I actually prefer Korean dramas over Filipino dramas because Filipino drama shows sometimes become so unrealistic and there's that something that doesn't make me want to watch more.... hmm... don't get me wrong there are several good Filipino movies and shows but I prefer Korean dramas and movies, as long as they have English subtitles hehehe.

Nice Shirt!

I was walking to a 7-eleven store with my mom to buy some food (like ice cream) since my brother is eating food from the fridge that doesn't belong to us. The food that he's eating (with no guilt at all) is our host's fridge. We were only supposed to stay here at their house for a week until we found an apartment but we had to extend our stay because our apartment won't be available until this July 1.

Anyway, we were walking down the street when a Canadian lady suddenly said, "Hey nice shirt!" I was like, "Huh? What?" But of course I didn't say that, I said, "Hi. Thanks!" I was emotionless when I said that because I was thinking about something and I was caught off guard hehehe.

But really, two people already complimented me and told me that my shirt is nice. I'll repost a picture of the said shirt and tell me what you think?

Yup, it's my beloved Missy the Doggie! Awe, I really miss her. We were supposed to visit her at her new home before we flew to Manila but then she was already adjusting to her new home so we didn't want to disturb her because she was always sad during the first week that we left her.

Hmm... anyway yup that's my shirt hehehe.

Poor People in Canada

I just hate it when people beg for money here in Canada. These are the people considered poor here because they could always get a job like we did but instead they rely on the subsidy by the government and through begging for a living. They are well dressed, have a shelter under their heads, and they are able to eat three times a day.

They are poor but they aren't like the poor in the Philippines where children starve. Because here in Canada children are fed at schools (and schools here are free mind you, except college). Also there are no sick people who are left untreated because Canada has tertiary hospitals that are open to the public (poor or rich). And government hospitals in the Philippines are of no match here because hospitals here are very clean and well supplied with medical equipment and medicine.

But you know what? If you work hard and don't have children if you can't afford to have any then you will be more productive. Well, that's what I believe anyway.

The Puzzle Ring

I just love my ring that my mom got me. It's from Unisilver (yup it was bought from the Philippines) and it's literally a head turner with people asking me the question, "Are you married young man?"

Well aside from looking good and looking expensive (it's just Php 600 really, don't tell anyone hehehe) it totally fits my personality. Why? Well because it's complicated. Why again? Well take a look at my ring now:

Yup it doesn't look like my ring right? But it actually is the exact same ring I wore on my finger. Take a look at my ring here:

Yup it's a ring made of 6 circular loops and I tell you, it sure is hard to get it back together so I really hate it when people touch it and end up breaking it apart and they absolutely have no idea how to place it back together.

So why is the ring like me? Well aside from being complex and difficult to understand, I am easy to break and people have no idea on how to put me back together emotionally. But even how many times people try to ruin me, I am still able to place myself back together even if some of me are bent up.

Moral of the Story: It's so easy to break and hurt other people but they don't even give any effort to fix what they have broke. They don't apologize and they don't care that they have hurt others...

Top Wordpress Themes

I have been visiting some blogging friends (their blogs of course not their houses) and I have to say that I love their blogs. They are using Wordpress by the way and I am so jealous of their blogs, because it's so easy to maintain, that's why I'm even thinking of moving my blog to a Wordpress blog.

But what really me jealous is that their blogs really look so good. Wordpress templates really look so cool and they are so easy to install. And you can get these templates completely for free at several wordpress templates sites but the one that I liked most is a site called

Check out this theme. Isn't it a beauty? There are more where that came from so you Wordpress users should really take most of what you have and give your blogs a new look with new wordpress templates.

What's Wrong with my Blog?!

If you check my blog clearly you would notice that my blog has a second set of posts at the bottom part...

Hmm... I'm really bummed and I don't know how to fix this. Maybe I could just edit the blog layout. But then I'll lose all the customizations that i did for this blog but I don't really care right now. And I plan to abandon this blog too. I'm becoming too busy to blog already and having two blogs is proving to be difficult. It is sad though because this blog has been with me for so long too.

Toddler Left at Wal-Mart

I was just watching TV when I caught a CNN Headline at Nancy Grace that a 2 1/2 year old toddler was left at Wal-Mart in Indiana! What are people thinking today? Why are they having children and abandoning them. These are the kind of parents that make my blood boil!

And my insensitive father commented that the child must be naughty or something that's why the mother left the toddler at Wal-Mart. So if there were numerous parents in the world like my father the future leaders and generations would surely be broken, angry, and sick!

The mother was actually even shooing the child as she sped away. What a stupid parent would leave a baby alone in a crowded where a pervert could abduct that child, molest him, or what ever!

Just a disgusting story indeed! Maybe I'll just adopt a child in the future so that poor abandoned and neglected children could get the chance to have a better future.

Missing the Philippines

You know what? I know that I have said that I'm happy that I was able to go away from the Philippines and be able to love in a first world country with plenty of opportunities but the hell with that. Nothing beats home and that's the truth!

I seem to be missing life in the Philippines especially my friends. I also miss the weather! Filipinos complain that it's too hot or whatever but here people stay under the sun but even if they do it's still so cold because of the chilly winds that blows.

Oh well...

Intellectual Rights Dispute hehehe ^_^

I was quite ashamed that a blog owner sent me a comment asking me to host my pictures that I got from other blogs (like his) instead of just grabbing the photo URL and placing it on my blog. Well he did say it in a very polite and calm way that is why I am more ashamed and guilty. Well lesson learned for me there so from now on I don’t use pictures with out hosting them and properly giving credits as to where I got the pictures from.

Case solved. ^_^

Picture credit to

Sim Card for $40

Yup a sim card for $40 (Rogers Mobile)! That’s like Php 1680 and to think that’s Canadian dollars people (Canadian dollars are higher compared to US Dollars). I’m kind of not over the converting-to-peso phase because woah I can’t live like this. Good thing thought that earning here is no problem. Got a job already at Tim Hortons and I like what I see (so far).

I kind of want to go back to the Philippines to go shopping. Just wish our baggage capacity is big enough hehehe. I’m being too ambitious. The truth is all may look good over here but if you don’t work hard and watch your budget then being bankruptcy is not that far.

So where ever you are in the world may it be the first world or the third world, working hard and spending thriftily is the key to a life of success. Hey that reminds me, is there a second world? If there is what are these countries? Because all I’m hearing is first world and third world. Weird.

Hollywood Baby!

I don’t know why but the shows flashing on my TV screen are Hollywood gossip shows! Like why am I watching these crap? Uhm am I like absorbing western culture? The glitz and glamour part of it? Maybe. Anyway I really can’t live a life of a celebrity because the paparazzi will eat me alive!

Like having cameras around you and being famous is very difficult. It’s like being in an arena and you are open to everyone’s criticism and scrutiny. Not a very comfortable idea. Geez… good thing I’m a nobody hehehe. ^_^


Photo credits to

Stubborn Father

Ok I know, this is another one of my rantings... well maybe I should change this blog into my rant zone huh? Well if you don't want to hear rantings you may visit my other blog Angel in the Sickroom or you may choose not to read this post any further.

My father is maybe one of the most stubborn people in the world. He doesn't admit that he's wrong and that he blames other people for his short comings. Like the use of the washing machine for example. The washing machines here in Canada are very different from the ones we have at home. You can say that it's sort of hi-techy. In here there are different settings like the choose of either warm, cold, or hot water in washing or rinsing. It's actually quite complicated but if you only read what is written on the knobs then you can work your way around.

But my stubborn father insists on not learning because it's totally different and says that we should be the ones to operate it because he doesn't know how to. Well if you only use your common sense and your eyes instead of your loud mouth cursing and mumbling to yourself I bet one could easily figure its use out. It's not like a total mystery that needs a rocket scientist to figure out.

And there are so many jobs in Canada and he wants to choose a job as a garbage collector. For a person who has a mechanical engineering degree I wonder why he could be so stupid. He reasons that he knows a garbage collector in Canada who has a three story house and three Ford pick-ups. But the thing is that garbage collector may have another source of income like selling the furnitures and other stuff he salvages from the dumps and sell it to the third world countries. Or he could be like my dad who has a wife who has a higher paying job than him and the only one who literally feeds the family and makes it alive.

Yes, my dad is so stubborn that he doesn't want to continue his education to be able to land higher paying job saying that he's not fit for it. Well I kind of agree because he can't even make his own resume for Christ's sake and he always relies on my mom for this. I just wonder how my mom could keep up and tolerate living with a person who does not even contribute to the family but even cause damage to it.

But honestly. I don't expect much from my father because by the way he's going he's not going anywhere (except down) and my mom will have to clean up after his mess like all the time. He's also has a very loud mouth which is also very irritating. As they say it's the loud people who have the less brains and I have to say that it's true.

Nokia beats Sony Ericsson big time!

I had planned a phone with my hard earned money from blogging and the phones that I had in mind were a Nokia N95 and a Nokia N81. Since both Nokia phones were similar in features I opted for the N81 because it was cheaper. But then I found the phone that attracted me the most: the Sony Ericsson W960i! The thing that attracted me most was that it was a touch screen and has handwriting recognition features which was really great. Plus it was part of Sony Ericsson's Walkman Phones which we all know are great. Compared to the N81 it was really superior in all terms especially the 3.2 Megapixels Camera plus it was more stylish than the brick looking N81.

The huge downside which I found was that it couldn't transfer video files to the phone. This may be because of copyright reasons or what but the thing is I found on the net that you could indeed transfer and play videos on the phone if you purchase a Professional Sony Ericsson Media Manager Serial Number. The W960i comes with the Basic Sony Ericsson Media Manager.

What makes me angry is that for a $523 (Php 22,000) phone how come it doesn't include that stupid feature. And I'm not happy with the earphones that come with the phone too. My brother bought the Nokia N81 and he has a better earphones than me and his phone was cheaper. Plus Nokia Nseries phone comes with Phone softwares that does not require any additional purchase to activate the essential features like video transfer and media conversion.

This is why Nokia is trusted by most phone users because of their great innovation and user friendly features. So the next time I'm going to buy a phone, it won't be a Sony Ericsson.

Air Canada Lost My Bags

Yup bad luck for me indeed. Of all the 9 bags that we had checked-in on the airplane only mine got lost and all my clothes are in there. Well not all my clothes but what will I wear now? Will I continue to wear the same set of clothes over and over again? Not to mention that my black leather shoes are in that bag huhuhu...

But at least I can look on the bright side that the airplane company that lost my bag is Air Canada. At least I am assured that they will replace my stuff by paying me in Canadian dollars (sosyal diba? hehehe)! I'm actually not mad at them (yet) but I will be if they don't reimburse me for my lost which I know they will.

Well I don't know how much they will be giving me for my old clothes and shoes but definitely it will be enough to buy me new clothes. Air Canada called yesterday and asked for the brand of the clothes and how many pieces. Well I forgot how many clothes I had because I didn't bother counting them. But I did make sure to let them know that I had W. Brown shoes and Guess jeans. At least they will think that my clothes are expensive hahaha! I was going to say that my laptop was in there but that would already be deceitful and unbelievable. I'm already in Canada so it's time for me to be an honest and law-abiding citizen.

I wonder what would happen if it was Philippine Airlines that lost my bag? Maybe they'll just call promising that they'll do everything to find my bag and never call again...

Oh well, maybe God has a special plan for this and maybe something better would come to me in exchange for the clothes I've lost. You know like a Ying-Yang thing?

UPDATE: Air Canada found my bag at Vancouver and they're sending it to me later. ^_^

My Cute Cousins

I have noticed that my posts were becoming too negative and that this blog has become my official ranting place so I'd better place some nice and happy entries so that this place won't be that gloomy.
The picture above is taken during our stay in Makati at a relatives condominium building in Makati while we were waiting for our flight to Canada. The girl is Emmalyn, and next to her is my brother Ian, and the two guys in the jacuzzi is me and next to me is the naughty Kelly.

We were at first uncomfortable with each other but as the days passed by the ice started to break and we were already happily playing and talking with each other. We enjoyed taking for a swim on the pool upstairs, playing PC games, surfing the net, and of course going to the malls (we have Three to choose from: Greenbelt, Glorietta, SM and all of these are just a walking distance from our place).

I kind of got a hang of it with the life in Makati and I got so close to my cousins already that is why it's hard to say goodbye. But I know that we'll see each other when we come back to the Philippines for our vacation and I am looking forward to that.

Goodbye Philippines!

I don't want to be negative in this blog but some Filipinos really are thoughtless and tactless. Of all the Western culture they could adapt with they decided to adapt the attitude of "I'm better than you you fat pig!". So what if I'm fat? Does that cause the world to crumble?

But don't really care actually. So to my haters out there in the Philippines, I am happy with my life and I know that all doors and opportunities for a better and successful life is just at my grasp in a first world country like Canada.

I am sick of the Filipino crab mentality and how people act and live here in the Philippines. I know that people won't give a damn if I wear designer clothes and how I live my life. People here in the Philippines just love sticking their nose to my business and it irritates me. What do you people care about what I do? I don't give a damn how you people live your lives so don't meddle in mine. It's not my problem if you are insecure and I intimidate you.

So people take care of your own lives before meddling with mine ok?

On Airport Security Measures

This was only the second time that I had ever went to the airport to ride a plane to Manila. The first time was (I remember vaguely) when I went to Manila as a toddler to attend the funeral of my beloved grandmother (mother’s side). That time even when I was a toddler, I could still remember that very tight security measures were not that implemented then.

Presently, well it’s a completely different story. I had to remove my shoes, belt, cellphone, coins, etc and I felt like my privacy was invaded. I understand why the coins and metallic objects are needed to be removed (this is so I could pass the metal detector without any beep) but the shoes? My mom did inform me that checking the shoes was also required as some people place drugs, weapons, and other illegal contrabands in their shoes’s sole. Ok case closed, but why do we have to be checked twice? Before entering the airport lobby and before checking in at the departure area? Mind you the Cagayan de Oro airport is very small so the second detector would be just a few steps away. Why the very tight security anyway? But at least they are trying and giving much effort to secure our safety so I quite understand and leaving my comfort zone for our own good is quite acceptable to me…

Genuine Microsoft XP

I was quite happy with my self that I was able to reap the fruits of my labor (Php 15,000 or $357)! And what do I get my self with some of my money? A Genuine Microsoft XP Operating Software for my lappy!

Some people would look at me in wonder for my decision but it makes sense really. If the Custom Officer notices that my laptop has a counterfeit operating software then they have all the right to confiscate my laptop and boy I sure don't want that to happen!

Anyway I wanted to get a Windows Vista Starter Pack which is only Php 2000 or $47 here in the Philippines but everywhere I go they only had a Windows XP so I've decided to buy a Windows XP Home for Php 4000 or $95. Windows XP may not have the beautiful designs of Vista but at least my lappy will run faster... I should have bought a Vista when I had the chance or I should have waited until we went back to Makati but maybe God has a plan with this all (oh man my defense mechanism: rationalizing!).

Anyway I'm happy with my Windows XP Home and my laptop is running quite fast really. I just wished that Microsoft didn't have to make this ugly sticker to certify that my laptop is installed with a Genuine Microsoft Software:

CD-R King Big Let Down

I had always loved CD-R King because they are the only store who sells CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW/+R/+RW and such for very low prices! They are actually a very popular techno-gadget store since they sell products here in the Philippines for super low prices. The gadgets like keyboards, flash disks, mouse, speakers, bags, etc are priced so low that CD-R King is being imitated by stores like CD-R Queen.

Anyway I have been a very happy patron of CD-R King until I bought a mini-speaker from them for my laptop. You see my Acer Aspire 4310 speaker is not that loud so I decided to buy a CD-R King branded mini-speaker because it only cost Php 350 or $8. But like cheap products there are down sides... and the downside of my purchase was that the mini-speaker had a bad sound and only one speaker plays. I was going to return the merchandise because it was still under the 1 week warranty period when I read the clause that the package must be returned with the box and everything but unfortunately I burned the damn box already.

I really am pissed of because I just threw away my money for some useless piece of junk! Next time I buy anything I am going to make sure to check the following:
  • the product is working with no defects (I was going to do this but I was in a hurry then)
  • make sure that the product is branded (Branded products come with better warranty and support)
  • Never throw away the box and receipt until the warranty expires.

Look of the Year

Are you young? Are you beautiful? Do you want to be a model?

Well with Look of the Year you can have the chance to show off your beauty and get the chance to win 10,000 USD and a chance to model in Paris, New York, and Milan! You can also get the chance of being spotted by some modeling agency and continue a career in modeling!

And joining this contest is quite easy! All you have to do is be your beautiful self and snap a picture and send it to Look of the Year!

This is not any beauty contest people! This is the real thing! The contestants are from all over the world and they are all beautiful and glamorous and they have their eyes set on that price so join now and show the world how beautiful you are!

Speed Packing

What is speed packing anyway? Well it's a new word I coined (well I claim it's new but I guess it's not, Lol!) after experiencing (still experiencinAg) the stress and headaches of packing all your life in one medium-sized bag.

I know that we should have packed and sorted all our stuff a few months ago but we were complacent and thought that our departure date is still far away. And after a few days, we then realize that we only have today (since we're leaving tomorrow) as our last packing day and guess what? We're still half-way through!

Oh well, charge it to experience as usual.

The Next Dockers Commercial


I have always been a great fan of Dockers. I just loved how comfortable I am when I wear them and I like the way it makes me look mature and sophisticated. That is why I am so delighted to find out the Dockers contest!

Yup you get to make your very own Dockers commercial and if you're lucky enough you might just win and get your few minutes of fame as your Docker commercial will have it's own airtime at NBC!

Who knows, you might have a future in the advertisement business after all! So get up from that chair and start shooting your Docker's commercial now! Or you might as well check out the competition in the Dockers contest . I have watched the submitted videos and I have to say that some people are really very creative and wacky! I just love the way that this contest is bringing out the talent and creativity out of people!

The video that I really like is called Versatile. Just look for it at the Dockers contest page. You'd be amaze how the videos are. Some are so-so but the others are exceptional!

So check out for yourself what I am babbling about and show off your talent and creativity by joining the contest. No purchases are necessary for the contest. All you need is a camera, a good script, and your computer.

Sponsored by Dockers

The Flippox Dynasty

SM Pictorials - Flippox Dynasty

Let me introduce to you guys the Flippox Dynasty! These are my crazy weird friends from high school and I am surely going to miss them when I leave for Canada. The pictures you see were taken from SM Cagayan de Oro. What can I say? The people at Flippox Dynasty are very smart, beautiful, handsome, creative, artistic, and perverted (well some members at least) hahaha! That is why that even at a Despedida gathering we can't help but make art through our pictorials. I too was excited at the idea of a pictorial (I'm a frustrated model hahaha) and you can check me out here:
SM Pictorials

So what is the Flippox Dynasty? Well there is already a Flippox Dynasty Bibliography created by the wacky Glenn and it goes like this:
Before I reveal to you this very sacred and important text it is necessary that you observe all proper decorum in an act of respect and devotion to our beloved group and cause. None of the information you are about to read today must leave knowledge of yourself and must be upheld with deep security. Will you now please stand up, raise your right hand properly in the air, and place your left hand on the right side of your chest, and read loudly the following words:

"I (state your full name, vital statistics, and age), properly oblige to the group's foundations and observes sincerely the laws and regulations passed down unto us by our very hot and all-knowing super-founder, the Super Overlord God-Emperor Glenus Paolus Tulos, and the less great and powerful founder, Empress Snow Queen, the queen of the ice cubes. Any violation or revelation of Flip D. secrets to citizens outside the sophistication of this membership, I shall willfully inherit the punishment of castration (for men) and/or death by stoning or mutilation (women)."

After reading the first paragraph, will you now please place your left hand on the top of your head, your right hand on your butt, lift your right leg parallel to your waist and sing the first phrase of the Macarena. After which you then say these words aloud.

"My mama is so fat, when she farted she launched herself into space!"

You now take a brief pause and make a gentlemanly bow. You may now take your seat.

You are now officially granted access to the secrets of the Flip D. at the price of your dignity and intelligence. You may now continue.

- This text was found in a pink journal of the Super Overlord God-Emperor during the early foundation of the Flip D.

Text No. 1. It said the following:

Flip D., or more "popularly" known as the Flipox Dynasty, is a worldwide organization that was founded in the land of Lumbia, in an open space of the XUHS campus, called the-covered-used-to-be-an-open-space-court. It was a time of chaos and war.

Amidst this, I, the Super Overlord God-Emperor, in an amazing and rare act of super heroics that only super overlord god-emperors like me could ever perform, decided to lead the Flip D. freedom force to overthrow the evil tyrant named the Snow Queen and her army of hypnotized
mushu dragon clones. Together with my right-hand general, Major Minor Lieutenant General Captain Peperus Villiarus Peperonicus, then known as the abominable eggnok, made an initial strike to the heart of the Snow Queen's capital, the Loyola fortress.

Our attempt was futile. The Snow Queen's mushu dragon clones proved more powerful and outranked us five trillion to zero point one.

But then, when we thought all hope was lost, came hope (duh!). Kit the mother superior, Abbie the anime fanatic, Edgar the pinya-man, and Eurie the sports girl/guy-who's-also-good-in-her-studies, all came in a resounding clap of thunder. Together they smote the mushu dragons with unbelievable strength!

The battle was bloody! The pinya-man used his razor-sharp pinya leaves that seemed to have mutated on the top of his head and cut off the limbs of the enemy. Kit the mother superior called forth her ability to talk things out and well she talked things out!! Maj. Min. Lt. Gen. Cpt. Peperonicus transformed himself into a tank and drove through enemy defenses easily. Eurie hit everyone in the face, including me. And I, the most powerful of all, used my exotic Korean catfight moves which I learned from the monks of Mt. Kitanglad who happened to be Koreans, who happened to have escaped from the mental institution, who happened to be cold-hearted serial killers, who happened to be just reflections of myself in a mirror due to an impaired mental judgment of reality caused by weeks of extreme dehydration. How I or the mirror got to Mt. Kitanglad is none of your business. NONETHELESS my impressive skills decimated nearly eighty percent of the enemy, rendering the actions of my comrades completely irrelevant and useless.

It was then when the Snow Queen finally emerged from the horizon in her pajamas and in blinding radiance. Our advance was halted immediately! She had emerged from her sleep and her hair looked like crazy! It was then when we realized that the Snow Queen had recruited help as well. Our greatest fear had become reality! Daphne was revived from her "hibernation", and Princes Mimi, the Snow Queen's sister, had begun her transduction, otherwise known as puberty, and thus making her considerably powerful, and not to mention "grown".

ANYWAY! As if our situation wasn't bad enough, the Snow Queen also biologically enhanced five mushu dragon clones she now calls The Elite Mushu Dragon Rangers Squad, otherwise the TEMDRASQUA! Each one has the fighting potential equivalent to seven hundred billion normal mushu dragon clones.

We all paused ourselves in deep silence as somebody blew his fart and also because none know the actual outcome of the battle. Both sides are now equally matched. But then... a glimmer of hope... in a situation of hopelessness and smelly gas, a brave warrior came to our aid...

Optimus Prime had come!

(By the way JM, Yoojin, Kris, and the rest will be appearing later on in the story! So don't complain!! Hehehehe.)
So much for that... here is my version. And I am not Pinya Man, I am Pine Edgar, a mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics who is renowned for profound wisdom... Anyway I will now tell you the history of the Flippox Dynasty...
The Flippox Dynasty was originally formed at Xavier University High School during the freshmen years of the founders, me (Edgar aka Pinya Man since I live in Pineapple Country and I had spiky hair then), Glenn aka Confused Dick Overlord (because he is very smart and talented, a writer and artist, a philosopher of Confusedcianism, but a perve), Pepper aka General Egghead (see for yourself, joke) and Kevin aka Pretty Boy (because he left the group to pursue girls hahaha).

I don't know why the three of us banded but maybe this is because of the horror and shock that we had encountered during the War of the Lunch Tables during lunch time. You must be in a group in order to have a proper seat and table during lunch time. I remember that if the lunch bell rings a representative of the group must dash down the stairs to the Open Shed to secure a territory for eating hehehe.

Because the three of us were very powerful since we have our own lunch area, many less fortunate beings came to us for shelter (hehehe). And these beings were Angela aka Snowqueen (since she is as white as snow, a singer, artist, model, host, and she overthrew the three founders and proclaimed herself empress), Kit aka Mother Superior (for her motherly charms), Eureka aka ??? (she doesn't have a nickname except that she is another philosopher and she founded the Shanidarism).

We were a very happy group and we then had new additions to our Dynasty:
  • Mimi - the Snowqueen's Sister
  • Abi - the Anime Fanatic
  • Mik aka Mushu the Dragon (cause he looks like one? not sure hehehe) oh yes, another perve hahaha!
  • JM aka Abi-Look-a-Like! Hahaha! She's also called Innocent JM because she doesn't want to hear words like panty, boobs, ****, and you get the point. She is the complete opposite of Glenn!
  • Eliza the Smily Girl (she's always beaming... and happy!)
  • YooJin the Korean (hehehe don't know here that well)
  • Manong Eugene - The personal servant of the Snowqueen. Before Pepper was the servant but he quit hehehe
  • Actually there are two or more other Flippox Dynasty people but I haven't been around with the Flippox during college because I can't deprive the other people from me hehehe.
But whatever! I'll miss these guys so much! Take care ok? ^_^

SocialSpark is Here!

We all know that the blogosphere is already thriving with so many bloggers and I am happy that our numbers are getting larger and larger!

It's great that there are people out there who are open and willing to share their thoughts, learnings, and knowledge. And some of these bloggers are really really interesting just like mlizcochico who is a WAHM (that's Work At Home Home Mom) and what's great about these mommies is that they can really plan their days taking care of their little ones while they bring order to the house, plus they even get to blog! I just love her recipes and some tips about health, it's really helpful and interesting. Just check out her profile at SocialSpark.

Yup SocialSpark is the hangout of incredible bloggers and this is a great place to show-off your beloved blogs and at the same time earn money through blog sponsorships and sponsored reviews. It's quite easy to get sponsored reviews at SocialSpark too and it's quite easy to move around once you got the hang of it.

Check out my profile too vincentb88! So if you're a blogger and who is into socializing and meeting other people who share the same passion as you, Blogging, then this place is for you! Don't forget to add me as your friend once you sign-up ok? ^_^

On Flying

I just love flying! I had ridden an airplane at least 5 times but I never get over the thought that I am actually flying above the clouds like I have always dreamed as a kid. I was carefree and for a short while everything else didn’t seem to matter, all my worries and things on my mind disappeared. I was lost in my own imaginations as I stared at the mountains and the sea. The flying experience was amazing.

I could just imagine myself having super powers and that I would soar high into the skies with my black wings and I know that I would love the way the cool wind would blow into my face.

I just hope that my 12 hour flight to Canada will be as equally enjoyable but I bet it will! As long as the in-flight entertainment is good, hahaha! ^_^

Photo Credits:

Blue blue sky by ~Eevee90

So What?

I had to remove my old chatbox and replace it with a new one because I wanted a chatbox where I could delete, ban, and report IP addresses of users who are just plain nuisance.

Get off your back you say? I don't even know who you are for God's sake because you spineless wimpy coward don't even leave any information as to who you are. I am not stupid or blind, I know that my stomach is big and that's none of your business. If you don't want to look at my picture then don't. That's not my problem, just don't be arrogant enough to place your stupid and uncalled-for comments like "deal with the fact that you're fat".

Because you know what? I don't care if I'm fat or ugly. Because I don't exist in this world to satisfy you or anyone else. I have a family that loves me, I have friends who adore me, and a few days from now I will be moving to a first world country where we will be spending our hard earned millions living a life of luxury and ease and where I will earn my professional license as a nurse practitioner and I will continue to live life as content and as happy as I am now while you people continue to waste your time trying to put me down.


Don't you have anything better to do than criticize other people (pitiful losers)? Are you PERFECT then and that gives you the RIGHT to CRITICIZE other people?

Don't HATE me because I am HAPPY with my life and we are successful...

Finally! It has Arrived!

I have always been a huge fan of 5.11 Tactical Shirts and some may have known me for always loving collared-polo shirts. That is why I am so happy that my two kinds of outfits has finally merged into one. I love wearing uniforms (who wouldn't love men in uniforms?) and at the same time I want to be formal in a way and with 5.11 Tactical Shirts that has come true!

Don't you just love the way this shirt have lots of hidden pockets?! It's perfect for stashing important documents like your passports and stuff when you're traveling. And that's not all, the 5.11 Tactical Shirts are not only comfortable but as usual resistant to wear-and-tear. It has great features like the Dri-X-Treme® Mesh Liner which keeps your body dry by moving moisture from the body to outside the shirt!

Guess your ordinary designer shirts doesn't have these features right? 5.11 Tactical Shirts are not only fashionable they are also very practical.

On Searching For Lost Items

One thing that frustrates me the most is when I lose my stuff. I get really stressed out when any of my belongings get lost may it be a measly pen or worst, my Citizen watch (my most valuable accessory)!

Yup I was preparing the items that I was going to wear for tomorrow when tada! My watch was missing! I was thinking that I may have dropped it when I placed it in my pocket the last time I used it, but then I remember that I didn’t remove my watch at all. So I searched the whole freaking house which by the way is a huge mess! My house felt like an abandoned warehouse because all our furniture were already sold and the remaining stuff where literally littered everywhere.

It was 12:00 AM and I was already getting so drowsy and I had to get up early tomorrow. I felt like I just have to give up as looking for that darn watch is already a lost cause… but I didn’t give up and thankful that I didn’t.

I was thinking that I may have been looking for my watch at the places where it might be. Why not look for it in places where it normally shouldn’t be in. And the first thing that came to my mind was, “Why not try the trashcan?” And guess what? I found my prized possession with all the junk I threw. Good thing my dad didn’t throw away the trash or my watch would have been long gone.

So next time you look for a lost item… look for it somewhere unexpected!

The Perfect Gift for Dad

Father's Day is fast approaching so one is quite pressured to think of a great Father's Day gift for his/her dad. Our dads have been our strong pillar who was always there to support us and make us feel safe and strong that is why it is just right that we show our gratitude and love with something very extraordinary that he would like.

So what do fathers like? Well we all know that they love to sit and relax every Sunday, sipping their beer while watching their favorite game on the television. So why not make his relaxation time more enjoyable by getting him a huge HDTV with the best HD service (of course provided by Charter Communications)! I say get and not buy because you only need to enter in the contest, Father's Day in HD and you could win that giant HDTV! Just send a brief essay saying why your dad deserves a giant 65” LCD HDTV Flat Panel with the best Charter HD service and The Charter Bundle™ FREE for a year!

Wow! Any dad would really be extremely happy with a gift like that! And to think that joining is so easy! You just have to make sure that your dad lives in an area that is serviceable by Charter Communications and one is of legal age residing in the US.

So what are you waiting for? There are no entry fees and the contest ends at June 6, 2008 so write that essay and submit your entry for that awesome Father's Day in HD!


Sponsored by Charter Communications

Car Rentals

I just recently went on a vacation with my family so naturally we don't have our car with us and I tell you... traveling without a car is frustrating and scary! In our vacation it was very hard to catch a taxi and if you did manage to get a taxi they will try to charge you at very high rates especially if you're going to far away places.

So if you're traveling it's best to rent a car! And if you're going to rent a car it would be best if you go with Advantage for your rental needs! Imagine, they offer the best rates for brand new vehicles like SUV's, cars, vans, trucks, and more with several brands and types of vehicles to choose from starting from a very low price of $19.99!

With Advantage you are sure that your car rental is always less than what you expect and you don't only get comfort and ease-of-mind you also get something else... luxury as Advantage has great cars to choose from!

People Who Curse and Say Bad Words

I really hate people who says bad words and curse! I hate it when I hear them cursing by themselves because it just makes the air so negative and I don't like it and I get in a bad mood.

I wonder why some people love having a foul mouth. Maybe they think that it's so cool and that they are so amazing if they had a wide vocabulary when it deals with ill and bad words.

Here are other terms for bad words: A curse word. A swear word. A malediction, malison, imprecation, denunciation, execration, anathema, proscription, commination, expletive, disparagement, vilification, or vituperation. Bad language, strong language, foul language, colorful language, blue language, unparliamentary language, profane language, or harsh language.

As Dr. Kate said:
"Swearing in public upsets many people. It is really verbal harassment if other people can hear it.

It is good manners to remember where you are and think about other people's rights and feelings. Everyone has the right to feel safe and having to hear loud nasty words can make people feel unsafe. If people are annoying you by using bad language move away from them and don't use it yourself."
If you grew up swearing all the time then you should really stop it because it is very offensive and rude. If you can't help it and have to say something then make it creative like saying Holy Cow instead of Holy Sh*t or "Bark" it instead of the F word.

And if anyone uses these foul words at you remember that there are more words in the vocabulary than the known foul words. Example:

Foul Mouth: Hey you [censored]! What are you doing here [censored]? [censored] off!
You: Excuse me is it me or do I smell a foul wind slightly blowing?
Foul Mouth: Why don't you [censored] me instead you [censored].
You: Oh please my dear fellow, you are nothing but a minute particle slowly drifting to a dark lonely abyss... I pity you.
Foul Mouth: Oh come on you [censored]. You think that I [censored] care about what the [censored] you're talking about?!


Foul Mouth: Hey you [censored]! What are you doing here [censored]? [censored] off!
You: (not minding that pitiful creature)

Planning the Ultimate Vacation

I just arrived home today after traveling from Manila (and the surrounding provinces) and Cebu in the Philippines and yet my mom and I are already planning and thinking about our next big trip in the future. Our destination? No other than the United States of America. Sure it's just at the bottom from us (Canada) but it has always been a Filipino's dream to set foot in USA. And the city that we're going to visit? No other than the home of the Hollywood Stars, Los Angeles! The City of Angels is sure the best place to be because it's a place filled with entertainment and great shopping centers. And who knows you might just be lucky enough to bump into Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in a shop somewhere.

I have a friend who saw Elijah Wood in a video store and she immediately bought a Lord of the Rings DVD to have Elijah sign it. She approached him and asked him for an autograph. For a while Elijah stared at her with a sort of curious expression. But he did sign it and when my friend read the autograph it was signed: Daniel Radcliffe! hahaha! What a blooper but they do somehow look a like right? So if you plan to visit Hollywood be sure that you got their (Hollywood Stars) names right.

Another city I would sure like to visit is Las Vegas so I could try my luck at those slots and maybe visit the Grand Canyon afterwards. There are so many places in the US that I sure would like to visit and since I'm not good with directions and all I would have to rely on the services of Trusted Tours & Attractions to help us plan our vacation and not to mention that they offer discounted tickets to 23 cities in the US.

So if you're interested in sightseeing tours it's best to check out Trusted Tours & Attractions for ideas on what to do like Things to do in Boston and the like.

So if you're still planning your vacation then you should sign up for the Trusted Tours & Attractions Newsletter so that you could get new ideas for your planning and you might as well win a $150 itunes gift card just for signing up! I sure did sign up and it just took less than a minute to complete. No credit cards or anything was needed.

All that's left for me to do is save up for that trip!

I Hate Computers!

I don't actually hate computers. I just hate it when they break down! Our PC which we were supposed to sell wouldn't boot and keeps on restarting after the Windows XP logo appears. Grr! I have to do something about it when we return from Manila and Cebu. I have already contacted someone about it but that someone hasn't replied yet but I'm sure that there are several computer repair shops down town.

I could try fixing it myself but guess what? My darn Windows XP installer CD is missing! I hate it when some stupid people come meddling with my belongings and then fail to return it as it was. I was really stressed out when I couldn't find that darn CD.

What added to my stress was my loud-mouth father who has no knowledge about computers (he doesn't even know how to save for crying out loud!) and then here he goes why this happened bla bla bla. I wished that he would just shut up because it was my mom who I was speaking to as she practically owned almost everything in his old crummy house. He did not even own the computer so he had no right to lecture me about it.

God! Why don't they realize that sooner or later the computer does break down even if that darn computer cost a lot! Like relax people, all I need is another installer and that software problem will be as good as new ok? Or I could just send it to a computer repair shop and for Php 600 ($15) problem solved! So back off my case!


I swear I wouldn't meddle with computer system settings again!

I Love You Jollibee

If you ask any Filipino what fast food chain they love, the majority would perhaps say Jollibee. Jollibee has a long history and it has already been part of the Filipino culture. You wouldn't be in a mall in the Philippines that wouldn't have Jollibee in it.

So why would people love Jollibee? Here are some reasons I came up with:

  1. The prices are very reasonable and affordable. For as low as Php 39 you could already have a decent meal. The meal does not have any drinks but you could always request for free water (a healthy choice too!).
  2. Wide menu selection. One has a variety of food to choose from from pasta, chicken, steaks, and not to mention their yummy desserts! And guess what? They still are innovating and adding more selections to their products!
  3. It's a trusted brand. What began as a modest start-up in 1978 is now one of the most remarkable success stories in local business. What is now known as Jollibee started out as an ice cream parlor founded by the Tan family, led by Tony Tan Caktiong. However, the company knows how to adjust to its customers' tastes, and soon it was serving more of the hamburgers and spaghetti that were added to the menu. It eventually incorporated even more food items into the menu, including everyone's favorite Chicken Joy, the chain’s #1 selling product to this day.
  4. Great Customer Service. The store team are very friendly and accommodating. I am going to share a personal story that proves the great customer service of Jollibee.
So here is the story. I was waiting for my mom at a Jollibee in Divisoria (Cagayan de Oro) because that's where we always met before Jollibee-XU opened up. I ordered a chocolate sundae and as I was carrying my order to my table on the second floor I dropped it and it fell to the ground making such a mess. Of course I was quite conscious with what happened and quickly escaped. Some Jollibee crew members saw this and cleaned my mess up. A little later I was amazed because they gave me another chocolate sundae to replace the one I dropped! It was my fault that the sundae fell but they replaced it anyway! This is why I love Jollibee so much. Every time I have to eat out or have an early breakfast (before 6 am) I always go to Jollibee because never have I been disappointed with them.

I told myself that if ever I would set up a business in the future I would like to franchise a Jollibee food chain, well that is if I have 15M to 30M (USD266,445.00 to USD532,890.00) in the future.

Fashion Schools

Nobody knows this but I am into fashion and studying this art in a fashion school has been one of my dreams. Well I may not become a famous fashion designer in the future but at least learning how to mix and match colors and decide what looks best for me is one good reason why I should enroll in a fashion design school. Not only will I save a ton of money for image consultations I will also save my self from frustrations of not being able to find the clothes that matches my style and personality.

I really love clothes and I love to look good so that I could also somehow feel good. They say that first impressions are important and wearing the right kind of clothes may attract new friends to you or repel them away. Fashion is one good way to express one's personality. "What you wear is who you are," as one saying goes. And what's the best place to learn about what's new and what's hot and be a professional fashion designer? No other than fashion schools!

WiFi Detectors

My friend and I always get fed up whenever we have to boot up our laptop just to check if there is a WiFi connection or not. It's quite tiring really and a complete waste of time when there is no WiFi network available.

So I searched the WWW and guess what I found. Check these amazing gadgets out! These babies are truly lifesavers and very valuable to on-the-go netizens like me:

But be warned when buying a Kensington WiFi detector!

It may look good but several people who bought it thought that it was crappy because it doesn't work.

If you really want a WiFi detector that is good please make sure that your WiFi detector has these features:
  • Backlight LCD screen shows signal strength, network ID (SSID), encryption status and channel
  • Provides specific information about each network when multiple networks are present
  • Detects Encryption (WEP and WPA)
  • Shows channel used (1-14)
  • Coverage: Up to 200 feet (60m) open environment
  • Identifies 802.11b and 802.11g networks
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.75" x 1" thick (65mm x 70mm x 24mm)
  • Batteries: 2 x AAA (included)
  • CE approved and FCC compliant
  • Auto power off
And what WiFi detector has that? No other than DigiWifi:

Like it? Then buy it! lol! ^_^ Check it out at

Don't Fear Your Problems

Fairy tale endings where the princess and the prince charming live happily ever after will never happen in real life. Why? Because what would they be doing when they’re just happy? What would they do if everything just works out for them? The answer? They would get bored to death! As one friend of mine said, she wants to look for problems because life with out problems would be plain repetitive! At first I thought that she was out of her mind and she probably needs to talk with a psychologist quick! Why would anyone look for problems? But after thinking over what she said I suddenly realized that she was such a genius!

As one very smart friend of mine wrote, people nowadays are getting more indolent. It’s a known fact that we only use a few percentage of our maximum brain capacities. Our desire and motivations to learn and gain more knowledge is put to halt because we find no use to think at all. Our scientists do all the thinking and we just sit around and just enjoy life. What’s the use of trying to learn something new when it’s all just prepared for us? Everything now happens so quickly and we can satisfy our wants just like that! We love the convenience that’s why we are so addicted to it. We become so attached with our gadgets and lifestyle that we sometimes have great difficulties living without them. But this is not the point I want to discuss about. I don’t want to talk about the fact that we should be careful and not to allow technology to take over our lives and how we should learn to manage even in its absence. I also don’t want to talk about how we should invest in our minds so that we can actually have the chance to evolve into a more sophisticated and superior specie.

What I really want to talk about is that we shouldn’t blow a fuse when problems and hardships come our way. We should learn to take charge of the situation and actually create something positive out of it. Let’s not be afraid to make mistakes and take chances because if we do we may never learn anything. Let us not allow one failure to delay us on our way to success.

A utopian world is impossible because problems exist so that we could apply all the things that we learned in our experiences. Having problems can also spice up our boring lives.

Down the Road Song

Here is a song that I composed. It doesn't have any accompanying music since I don't know how to play any musical instrument (Lol!):

Down the Road
by Edgar Vincent P. Bautista

I'm walking down the road
This cold and rainy evening
Haven't got a clue
To where I should Be Going

This wind upon my face
And the rain that's pouring down
Is washing all the pain
That's driving me insane

How can I go through
A life without you near me
I don't know what to do
Cause every thing's beyond me

Why'd you have to go
And leave me here alone
With only the memories
Of you and me together?

It hurts me so
This pain is unbearable
I cried out loud
And went down on my knees

I looked up at the sky and said a prayer loud
That you'll come back to me one day
And say you love me.

To My Beloved Readers

Hi guys! If you're reading this then I might be away right now and have no access to the internet... NO! I'm not stranded on a deserted island nor am I dying at some hospital bed (lol!). I'm currently in Manila or Cebu depending on what day you're reading this (but most probably Manila).

Well as you may have guessed, this is a post that I've written way ahead a few days ago and just published today (as I have written here). Well I have already written some posts before hand so that my blog will still be updated even when I'm away. I'll try to be online though, I'll bring my laptop alone but i don't know if I'll get a WiFi connection (not all hotels in the Philippines have a WiFi hotspot).

So to people who leaves a message here, a million thanks! I promise to get back to you guys when i get back home. But until then, I'm off to vacation (hehehe).

David Archuleta Wants to Sing with Natasha Bedingfield

Little David Archuleta was asked who he would like to have a duet with in the future and David sheepishly answered, "Natasha Bedingfield".

It had been known long before in previous interviews that David admires the amazing Natasha Bedingfield and if you watched the previous episode of American Idol we have seen that Natasha Bedingfield likes the young singing prodigy as well (like hugging and giving David the "special treatment", lol!).

It really would be amazing how these two would sound and I know very well that their duet is very close to reality. Both would have a great mix of soul, R&B, and pop and their work will be quite enjoyable indeed.

I am quite looking forward for David's duet with Natasha. But don't get this wrong guys, if you think that there's something going on between them then you guys are just being too malicious (hehehe).

Natasha has a boyfriend and David has... (I'm sorry girls but he's taken!) well a G-I-R-L-F-R-I-E-N-D!

That's right the 17-year old is off the market and say hello to public enemy no. 1:But in fairness little Archie has a good taste in girls. The alleged girlfriend sitting next to Mr. Archuleta (David's dad) does look like a sweet little girl to me. Go David! Hope American idol won't tarnish your relationship with her (like many female Archuleta fans would wish, Lol!).

The Angel of Death… The Grim Angel

Grim… It means depressing, severe, gloomy… the total opposite of happiness and joy. Grim… Kind of ring a bell right? Yup, it sounds like the Grim Reaper, death. But did you know that there is such a thing as Grim Angel, the Angel of Death? I’m not sure my self if there is such a thing as an Angel of Death but I sort of heard of it from a game that is so cool! It’s a Gameboy Advance game and it’s entitled, Riviera – The Promised Land! It is so cool! It’s about the war between angels and demons! Grim Angels are suppose to be angels with black wings and their sole purpose is to pass judgment on the sinners and on the fallen angels, the demons! I so wish I had angel wings, even the wings of a grim angel. And in exchange to be a grim angel I exchange my emotions… Wooh! A sudden chill down my spine! But really… Emotions makes humans weak and it also makes them strong in some weird sense… Hehehe… I’m talking in the third person again. Pathetic human Hehehe…
I am fascinated with Grim Angels but I don’t want to see one any soon. Until then I will have to research more about these angels…
To all sinners… Repent your sins! The end is near! And I will judge you! Hahaha!

Winning Lottery Number

We all have dreams of winning a lottery right? Well with Dream&Win you might just catch you're lucky star and that winning lottery number could be yours right now! With Dream&Win your odds at winning the price that you desire are very good! Dream&Win is the no. 1 online prize games where you could win cars, paid vacations, or other electronic gadgets like iPods!

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How to irritate internet Trolls

If you have read Anah's Troll Proofing article then you may have a clear picture of who these internet trolls are. But for the benefit of those who haven't read her article (and you should), internet trolls are "people" who attack you or anyone for that matter using words that are degrading and foul. The best term would this would be "verbal harassment".

We see all of these people in places like YouTube and if you're unlucky enough, you may have a troll visiting your blog and doing what they do best: express to you how pathetic and pitiful they are using second-person pronouns instead of first-person pronouns. Example: You're fat and ugly and your mama hates you! What they really mean is this: I'm fat and my mama hates me!

And one way to distinguish an internet troll is that they usually don't leave traces like names or contact e-mails or whatsoever because their ego is poor and shattered that they can't endure a rebuttal statement. But internet trolls don't know is that even when you don't leave a name and be anonymous you leave prints behind. And these prints are what we call as an IP Address. Trolls don't know this but we could actually trace this IP address to their computer and this could be used in court (together with their ill message) as proof in a hearing at court.

But if you don't want to go to court because you have evaluated the situation and realized that the troll is just a nuisance and that you have better things to do than go after useless creatures like these trolls one good way to do it is to ignore them!

Trolls hated being ignored because they know that they are treated as if they don't even exist and that their pathetic attempts to catch your attention is not working.

A Tour to Toronto, Canada

We haven't even settled down in Canada yet but my mom has already plans of going sight-seeing in different places in Canada. One place that we have our eyes on is Toronto, Canada! Toronto is the entertainment, financial, and cultural capital of Canada so going to Toronto is a must!

I've already did an online search on hotels in Toronto and there are quite many to choose from. I've also looked at some pictures and scenes of the city and I tell you, it's a very beautiful city! So I thought that why stay in a hotel when we could stay at a bed and breakfast Toronto where we could really experience life in Toronto first hand. Oh for those who don't know what a bed and breakfast (B&B) is, it's an establishment that offers bed accommodation, and breakfast. return for payment.

What's best in a Toronto bed and breakfast is that you not only experience life at Toronto first-hand, you only pay for it at a fraction of a cost meaning more money is spent exploring the city rather than spending on it for paying the hotel when you're not in it the whole day.

The Filipino Subject

I had always thought that my Filipino classes were useless. For those who don't understand what I'm talking about, Filipino is a language class (just like English) were we learn how to speak and write in Filipino. I am a person who is practical and studying 2 classes in Filipino was the most impractical thing that I had ever done (well it was required of me to take Filipino classes).

I believe that taking the subject, Filipino, in elementary and high school was adequate enough because writing and speaking in Filipino fluently will not be required in my future career. I say this because even in the Philippines, all formal business transactions are transacted in English unlike other Asian countries like Japan and Korea where they transact business with their own language.

I had brought this topic up before at my university's forum and the people there said that I was selfish. Selfish? Selfish in what way? It pains me to know that some Filipinos are not open to change and change ladies and gentlemen is required for progress.

I am not saying that Filipinos should stop wasting their time learning and studying Filipino. What I'm saying is that in the college level, education should be more focused on teaching the students things that are related to their future career.

You see at our university we are thought a lot of things (because they want students to be well-rounded yes) but some of these subjects are impractical to me (Filipino is one). Other subjects that I find impractical is Physical Education (PE). I know that exercise is important but the only thing we do at PE is dance. My minor subjects tend to take up all of my time that I am not able to focus on subjects that really matter like Pathology, Physiology and Anatomy, Biology, and other subjects that are related to nursing.

I honestly believe that I had wasted my 2 years of college because these two years were only focused on finishing all of my "minor subjects". All my nursing subjects only began at second year and we only were able to set foot in the hospital at third year. Because of minor subjects I feel that there wasn't enough time for me to learn nursing concepts at all.

That's why I'm glad that I'm going to start studying again as a freshmen at Canada this coming school year. Imagine, all the major nursing concepts are already being studied in the first year level. I really can't wait to begin studying.

And oh yeah guess what, studying Filipino will not be of any help in Canada.

Donate Your Boat For Charity

Yup you can donate boats, working or not, to the Angel Ministries and this donation could help create anti-drug documentaries and children's animations or to any charity of your choice. What makes Angel Ministries different from other charities is that your donations goes directly to the people who need it 100% and nothing is deducted for the salaries of the employees that work for Angel Ministries.

So how does boat donations work? Well The process is simple:
  • You can call them at 1-800-227-2643 or fill out their online form at
  • They then send you out a receipt via email and package in the mail with a form and a disposable camera so that they can get pictures of the boat
  • They then get the package back from you and list it at Your boat will be picked up in 6-8 business days. If it doesn’t sell, then they will pay to have it stored!
Imagine, your old unused boat could actually be able to change a young child's life for the better. If I had a boat that I don't use anymore, I would donate my boat to charity.