Google Adsense Move

I'm glad that my Google Adsense has earned me around $80 now and I am going to cash this out as soon as I reach the $100 mark. But I still have some issues regarding the payee address (my address) because I can't seem to change my Country in the Payee Information. But I've already sent a request form to Google about the change in address so I guess that everything will be ok for now.

I've been a very bad blogger these days since I'm always out of the house and all but once we get the internet connected I guess that everything will work out. I'm actually using the library public pc right now since my brother wanted to use my laptop instead and I wonder why...

Anyway, I'll leave blogging for another day.

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Nilz said...

It took two to three attempts for me to change my Payee information. Do not forget to reply to the Autosender email you have received from Google Adsense Support Team.

Obviously, considering the huge number of clients/requests they have to handle, I do not find any fault in them for making few days delay.