The Moon Shines It's Brightest In the Dark

There is a point in one’s life where you just get tired of living. There is no specific reason why you just want to cease existing. There is no antagonist that makes your life miserable and no problem that will cause a colossal impact on one’s life; you just simply get tired of it all… bored even. You feel as if your soul has left your body and all that is left is a hollow shell that continues this pitiful charade of what we call life. It’s like you suddenly have a bad case of anhedonia or the loss of the ability to experience pleasure in things that would normally make an ordinary person ecstatic.

It is in these times that I feel so spiritually drained that I seek for something out of the ordinary, something greater than me, something that will cause a major change in my life like an awakening… maybe even like God. I want to be inspired, to be motivated, to stop being idle and just watch my life slowly slip away.

I want to be reborn into someone that is spiritual and is free of human sin that stains my soul. I want to be purified and live as someone who is enlightened and who sees through what is essential in life.

It is in these dry spells that I love to go into my own private place and watch the moon shine in its finest glory. You just have the way the moon illuminates the darkness with a mysterious glow. It’s cold at night but somehow you feel warm and safe. I just want to watch the moon for eternity and forever be at peace.

The Resurrection of Nanette!

At last! My friend Nanette has risen from the dead and had finally shown her face to us. Nothing has really changed in her since the last day that we saw her. It was really fun to be with her and tease her again. It's a shame that I wasn't able to take a picture of that special occasion.

Anyway, contrary to people's belief she didn't disappear because she was hiding her newborn baby or something. It's because of a more simpler reason, a reason which of course I am bound not to tell you. But it's definitely not in the line of scandal or what so ever.

We hope that we could all get together tonight and have a reunion dinner. I'm hoping that the others won't be a kill-joy or a party-pooper like me. Lol! But hey! I'm organizing this thing so they should come.

To Zack

Hey Zack sorry that I had to delete your post in my chatbox. I removed it because of the following reasons:

  1. It's very offensive.
  2. It had bad grammar.
  3. Duh?!
You asked me if I understood Spanish? Si SeƱor, I can understand some Spanish because if you knew some of your own country's history we were actually colonized by your ancestors for 300 years so the Filipino people would have acquired some of that culture right (basing on Socio-Anthropology, do you know what this is Zack?).

Now, let me ask you... Do you know how to speak Tagalog and Cebuano? Because I do. I know 3 languages proficiently and I don't have the interest in learning Spanish because of the following reasons:
  1. I'm not Spanish
  2. I don't need to learn Spanish
  3. I don't want to learn Spanish
  4. I'd rather learn Japanese or Korean than Spanish
  5. English is the language used by the International Community
And to prove that I can speak in 3 languages here are some lines:
  • Tagalog: Ang mukha mo ay kahawig nang aking puwet
  • Cebuano: Ang imong nawong k murag lubot nako.
  • English: You're so Funny... (hahaha)