Vanilla Sky - Umbrella

The first time that I've watched this music video I went ballistic it was so cool! At first I thought it was down right hilarious but when I started listening to the song, I liked their version better than Rihanna's.

So who are these guys? What is Vanilla Sky? Vanilla Sky is an Italian pop punk group formed in 2002. Their first album, Play It If You Can't Say It, was released November 6, 2002. To date they have released 3 albums, and are most well known in mainland Europe.


  • Vincenzo Mario Cristi – Vocals, guitars
  • Luca Alessandrelli – Drums
  • Francesco Sarsano – Bass
  • Daniele Brian Autore – Vocals, guitar


Stanley said...

HAHahhahaha.....i never heard about it now....LOLZ. Thanks for making my day!

Vincent Bautista said...

Hey Stanley! Glad to have made your day brighter hahaha! ^_^