Getting a Second Chance on the Road

 This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine. 

I have previously worked as a home care aid for a month and my experiences were really interesting. As a home care aid I actually do home visits to help clients with their daily living activities like personal care, nutrition, and at times mobility. My clients are mostly the elderly, the handicapped, or the people recovering from accidents.

Most of the clients I work with lived alone and are unable to travel outside their homes on their own. My clients would confide with me that they are bored and would love to go outside especially when the weather is great.

On the other hand, I have encountered clients who are wheel-chair bound but could actually drive! So these clients have all the freedom to go to the mall and shop, meet friends, and just go outside and have fun. These clients are more active and more energetic as I have observed.

We have all seen parking lots with handicapped signs right? I have always wondered how on earth people in wheel chairs could drive. The answer was simple: NMEDA. NMEDA, or National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association, is a non-profit organization that helps educate consumers and help them find the right mobility solution that is best for them. Please take note that NMEDA doesn't sell the products and they only help you find the situation-specific mobility situation for the consumer.

Let’s face it. There is no off-the-shelf mobility product that one could buy that would fit every single car on the market and would be appropriate for the client’s condition and lifestyle at the same time. The thing I love about NMEDA is that they help consumers in every step of the way from contacting a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist to make sure that the client is fit to drive alone in different scenarios, performing a personal evaluation on the appropriate mobility solution, training, and they could also help you get reimbursement if appropriate from your vehicle manufacturer.

There are so many different dealers around that would claim to offer the similar services but only NMEDA dealers belong to the Quality Assurance Program (QAP), a nationally accreditation program that makes sure that consumers are satisfied with their purchases.

I actually checked the nearest NMEDA dealer in my area and it is:

Shoppers Home Healthcare 8303-Gold Care Med
4619 - 91 Ave. N.W.
Edmonton, AB
Phone: 780-468-4002
Web Site: 

I suggest that those with family or friends who are disabled, to check the NMEDA website out. You have absolutely nothing to lose. In fact you'll be giving your loved once a second chance to get back on the road and get their freedom back.

Visit my sponsor: NMEDA 

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