Exams!!! Physics!

Oh my gosh! It's already the Second Quarter Exams! Days do pass by so fast! It won't be long, graduation ko na from my high school (thank God!)! I'm really having a hard time in Physics! It's the first time I ever got grades these low! But they're not failing, that's what's important! I hate my self for not being able to understand the torture that is physics! Physics is quite interesting but I really need to be more enlightened. More enlightened than Buddha when it comes to the great mystery which is Physics!!! Everyone who loves me, please pray for me! I have to study very hard! I sleep at 7-9 pm then wake up at around 10 pm and study until 3 am! It's a good thing there's Nescafe Choco Java Coffee to keep me going! All the way to the top! (Yikes, it sounds like an advertisement! Lots of laugh...). Well anyway, I have to go and live my stupid life! Bye!

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